Crystal clear sea and Mediterranean nature, but in Tropea there is much more. Here’s what to see in Tropea in Italy and surroundings for those who have already booked or are planning to spend a holiday in one of the most beautiful places on the Costa degli Dei.

Cosa vedere a Tropea e dintorni

The historic downtown of Tropea is located about 70 meters above sea level, consisting of alleys, streets, churches, noble palaces and panoramic terraces that offer incredible views of the blue horizon of the Mediterranean Sea. A walk in the historic center of Tropea also allows you to discover workshops of artisans, in particular of fabric, iron and terracotta, and to buy local delicacies directly from the farmers: the world-famous product native to this place is, of course, the Tropea onion.

Cosa vedere a Tropea e dintorni

The Sanctuary of Santa Maria dell’Isola, also known as Isola Bella, is one of the jewels of Tropea and the whole coast; both for its position, located on a cliff overlooking the Aeolian Islands. The sanctuary is owned by the abbey of Montecassino, and has dominated the sea and the marina of about 1,000 years with the beach at its feet.
Tropea is part of the Costa degli Dei, also known as Costa Bella: 55 km of coves, beaches, rocks, caves, all overlooking waters ranging from deep green to turquoise. The coast of the Gods is truly one of the most beautiful bathing areas in Calabria and Italy; only in Tropea and its surroundings there are a dozen breathtaking beaches. The beach of Marina dell’Isola, the Rotonda beach and the Grotta del Palombaro are unmissable destinations for lovers of beach life.

Capo Vaticano - Uvet Hotel Company

Capo Vaticano is located just 9 km from Tropea: you can reach it by boat from Tropea or by car to discover all its beauties. Its beaches with unique depths, naturalistic variety and vegetation are considered among the 100 most beautiful beaches in the world. It is a promontory over 120 meters high with 7 km of coastline on a sea that offers all shades ranging from light blue to deep blue. The nature here is truly spectacular and the beaches are sandy coves interspersed with rocks and rock spurs that are a diving paradise.

Pizzo Calabro, about 25 km away from Tropea, is a town perched on a promontory overlooking the sea. At its foot, there are almost 10 km of beaches, stony coves, bays, caves and sandy shores, lapped by water with blue reflections that have earned the area that goes from Capo Vaticano to Tropea the nickname of “Costa degli Dei” or Costa Bella. Among the most beautiful beaches are Spiaggetta of Piedigrotta and the beach of the Seggiola. In addition to the beaches and the panorama that also embraces the Aeolian Islands, Pizzo Calabro is famous for the Church of Piedigrotta, the Murat Castle and the truffle, the typical local ice cream.

We have listed what to see in Tropea in Italy and surroundings, but do you already know where to stay in Tropea and surroundings? Discover the Infinity Resort & Spa, the resort with a private beach, immersed in the Mediterranean scrub with panoramic swimming pools overlooking the crystalline sea of the Costa degli Dei.

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