About us

The passion and experience of a great group.

Uvet Hotels, is the Uvet Group company that manages hotels and resorts, from hospitality operations to the optimisation of the financial results. Backed by the consolidated experience of the Group of which it is a member, and which has been operating in the hospitality industry for more than 65 years, Uvet Hotel Company leverages skills, investments, commitment and passion to achieving the highest quality standards in the services offered customers. Heart, research and quality have allowed us to create a winning business model for the market. Our Group has never ceased growing, thus becoming a leader in the supply of innovative and customised solutions in leisure travel and business travel and events.

Our Vision.

Uvet Hotels is the Hotel Management branch that includes a variety of hotels and resorts of the Uvet Group. Our locations are scattered all over the world and have been built to meet our customers’ discrete expectations, including the most demanding. Heart and experience are the engines of impeccable management. Unparalleled hospitality and discreet attention to the needs of each guest, whether on vacation or on a work mission, are the musts that govern the management of these jewels of the UHC Group. Our facilities with low environmental impact, respectful of natural resources and local architecture, distinguished by comfort and rigour, attentive to energy savings, offer impeccable quality and services. Large areas distinguish common spaces, which include gyms and wellness areas, while the rooms are furnished with sober elegance and equipped with every comfort. Our qualified staff oversees every moment of the day and night, to ensure luxury and warmth.


The Uvet Hotels management model rests upon two fundamental and essential organisational principles: the centralised management of commercial and marketing activities and the daily management of hotel operations, delegated to the staff employed in the individual facilities. This centralised organisational model at the top, and, therefore, approved for all our hotels, though expressed by individual entities, leverages development synergies that optimise the quality standards of each hotel, enhancing its peculiarities and quality, and affirming development and growth together


The core point of the growth and development model is the professional management of digital marketing, a fundamental communication tool for customer acquisition and loyalty. By centralising all sales channels, Uvet Hotels digital marketing analyses and develops the online business of each facility. Thanks to the use of targeted strategies, the work is carried out on SEO and SEM channels, enhancing the effectiveness of Web Communication by virtue of the digital positioning of the sales channels. Even the most common social and advertising channels on Google and Facebook amplify digital communication in this manner, guaranteeing a 360-degree coverage of the Uvet Hotels commercial network.


With an international experience honed over the years, Uvet Hotels can operate with professionalism and quality services across all global markets, from Europe to Asia and Africa.  The Uvet Group has been embedded for decades in the European fabric, through the multiple distribution of its services. The birth of Uvet Hotels and its success are the natural outcome of an integral globalisation of the Group’s supply chain.


Uvet Hotels partners with the main national and international Tour Operators, offering its own facilities and organisation to support travel agents from all over the world and providing innovative and customised solutions, as today’s leisure market requires. The synergy of professionalism and experience are the guiding principles of mutual cooperation between Uvet Hotels and Tour Operators.