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Hotel Berna – Fashion District

One of the most prestigious districts in the world showcasing jewellers, boutiques and design and furniture showrooms.

Santo Stefano Resort & Spa – Tennis, sailing and much more!

Santo Stefano Resort is the ideal place for any kind of sport.

Deep Blue Inn Resort – Coral Reef

Egypt is famous not only for its mythological pyramids and the charm of the imperial cities, but also for the spectacular coral reef hidden under its emerald sea.

Gangehi Island Resort & Spa – Oriental Scents

At Gangehi, our guests can enjoy some traditional dishes of the Maldives islands.

Cala La Luna Resort – Island Tradition

Fortunately Favignana, indebted to the tenacity of its inhabitants, has almost perfectly preserved its ancient food and wine tradition and its typical dishes.

Mursia Resort Spa – The Calypso Grotto

The Resort features one of the best spas on the island, which offers a picturesque sea view.

Gangehi Resort & Spa – Ginger Spa

Nella lussuosa struttura costruita con il legno originale del Kerala, la culla dell’Ayurveda, la nostra Spa è il luogo ideale dove riequilibrare corpo e anima.

Deep Blue Inn Resort – Relaxation in Egypt

To those who want to take a break from their daily routine, the Deep Blue Inn Resort offers all the ingredients to make you live your dream vacation in Marsa Alam.

Twiga Beach Resort – Safari

It is not possible to fully understand the meaning of the word “Safari” without visiting Kenya and its pristine nature.

Kilindini Resort & Spa – Enchanting Zanzibar

The excursion programme offers the opportunity to discover Zanzibar, known internationally as the Spice Island.

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